Global Health and Well Being for Men

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I often hear there is not enough done for men's health. Well, now there is a chance to change that... and it starts with you! People in white coats discovering breakthroughs in a laboratory often accomplish advances for individual diseases, but what about the general health and wellbeing of men?

The first step to improving men's general health and wellbeing should really be to better "understand" men, which can be quite easily done by asking some questions. The Global Health & Wellbeing 2015 Survey is trying to do just that and I'd like to invite you to complete the survey now at

The Global Health & Wellbeing 2015 Survey is a pioneering global survey conducted by the Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre and Brain and Mind Centre (The University of Sydney), in partnership with the Movember Foundation (Australia).

According to their official goals and objectives, the results of the survey will assist in improving "... global understanding of health and wellbeing, with a particular focus on men's health." Further, the information will be used to "inform education programs within health and mental health sectors across each participating country and the world."

The project is being conducted in five countries: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. With the end goal of influencing international and national health policies and standards for health education and outreach, the collaborative aims to solicit responses across the globe from both males and females. This is a global effort to capture the attitudes, perceptions, and overall state of knowledge about men's general health and wellbeing from all perspectives. Key stakeholders and partner organizations are collaboratively working on distributing the survey.

Please consider helping shape a better understanding of global health and wellbeing and take the time to participate in the survey.