Consciousness: What You Don't Know Might Kill You

When inquiring about consciousness a valid qualifying question might be, "What type of consciousness are we talking about?"
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Ever ask yourself, "Where does consciousness come from?" Or, "Can consciousness come from an absence of consciousness?" Albeit, not the subject of your everyday discourse, these are still interesting and relevant questions. When inquiring about consciousness a valid qualifying question might be, "What type of consciousness are we talking about?" For example, dreaming consciousness comes from the REM cycle. A medical coma consciousness comes from pharmaceutical drugs. Enlightenment consciousness comes from meditation or some other practiced ability to observe and focus attention. However, when it comes to your physical consciousness, such as how emotional and mentally astute you are and how healthy you are on a cellular level, the answer might surprise you.

The Eastern sciences, such as Indian or Tibetan Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, have a very clear-cut and direct answer to this last aspect of consciousness. These ancient sources of wisdom say that the food you eat is the foundation upon which your emotional, mental and physical well-being is based upon. Ayurveda has a very succinct term for the physical body. It is referred to as the "Food Sheath." They call the physical body that because it requires a myriad of different types of food. It requires oxygen food, light food, physical "tactile" food, hydrating water food and solid alimentary food, all as sources of nourishment. The "Food Sheath" term eliminates all the "judgment" issues from the physical -- no charges about the butt being too big or small, no painful comparisons or emphasis on beauty of any kind. The body is simply the "Food Sheath."

The physical body or "Food Sheath" receives its quality of intelligence from the food you eat. We're not talking brain science or rocket surgery here. If you start your morning by drinking nothing but coffee and eating a donut, then you run around all day, some time in the afternoon you are going to start tanking. You will find it increasingly difficult to focus and concentrate. You will find yourself becoming more and more agitated and impatient when life's daily dose of obstacles smacks you right on your... food sheath. You may experience shaking of the extremities or a headache. You may find your mind easily distracted and unable to remember simple details: Where are my glasses, keys or cell phone?

As stated in age-old philosophy and co-opted by the high-tech world, "garbage in; garbage out." That's because a calorie is not a calorie. The quality of your energy comes directly from the quality of the food/fuel you take in. Now Ayurveda goes deeper with this understanding than may initially seem self-evident. For example, if you eat a lot of foods that have been grown to produce no seeds, such as some types of oranges or watermelon, over time, that could compromise your body's fertility. After all what are seeds? They are highly concentrated forms of fertility consciousness/energy. Bear in mind these types of food would have to be pervasive in your diet and you would have to be exposed to these fertility-sterilized forms of foods consistently for prolonged periods of time. It is unlikely anyone is going to eat that much seedless fruits with no diversity. But what if all crop seeds were sterile? Would that change the dynamics?

With that in mind, let's now look at a pervasive form of food that we have all been exposed to for a prolonged period of time: GMOs. Genetically modified food organisms. Even though GMOs are foods that have been genetically injected with extremely poisonous material, the FDA in its infinite wisdom has declared that these foods do not require any testing whatsoever. In fact, the FDA has never done any testing on them! Monsanto has been legally, genetically poisoning our food supply for decades. It's no surprise that wildlife such as migrating birds will not touch a single kernel of GMO corn when growing side by side a crop of non-GMO corn. In fact no animal, other than humans, when given a choice, will consume a GMO food.

These animals intuitively know what Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine teach: Food is your first wave of either medicine or poison. When you eat foods that are packed with Chi, life force energy, your mind, body and emotions are energized. When you eat foods that are packed with antioxidants, your immune system becomes stronger and empowered to destroy free radicals, because that is where the consciousness that directs the body comes from. Conversely, when you eat foods that have been genetically altered to contain chemicals that are designed to kill and destroy life, how can that have a positive affect on your energy?

In addition to the GMO nightmare, Monsanto has produced "terminator seeds." These are seeds especially designed to die after one crop. They carry a sterilized energy that does not allow another generation of plants to grow. Why? Money. The farmer has to go back to Monsanto each and every growing season for more seeds, so Monsanto's profits have increased accordingly. It is pure and simple greed, even though the planet destroying consequences of this greed are neither pure nor simple.

How can Monsanto get away with poisoning our food supply? You may find it interesting to know that many high level FDA people are former Monsanto employees. And, that's right; you guessed it. Incestuously many of the upper level Monsanto employees are former FDA staff. Well, maybe it isn't interesting. Pathetic may be closer to the truth. We have the best politicians money can buy.

Most people are unaware of these healing sciences that have survived scrutiny for thousand of years. What they have to say about the quality of consciousness that feeds your health or disease is still relevant in today's world. You need to look no further than cancers, both common and exotic, which are on the rise, or that the rate of obesity and insulin resistant disorders like diabetes have been increasing exponentially. Attention deficit disorders and autism cases seem omnipresent. Isn't it interesting that the expansion of all of these diseases happens to magically correspond to the ever-increasing presence of GMO's in the American diet.

If you are thinking, "Oh, but I'm not eating GMOs," think again. You probably are; you just don't know it. Since the FDA has declared that foods containing GMOs do not have to be labeled as such, you are not informed that the food you are consuming is toxic. If you are not eating organic foods exclusively, if you are eating or drinking anything with high fructose corn syrup (sodas, ketchup, fruit juices), corn, soybeans, cottonseed, sugar beets, canola oil, most fast food meals or pre-packaged processed foods from large food corporations, you are most likely eating GMOs. For more information please visit:

What you may have become painfully aware of is that you are fatigued all the time. You may have noticed that you having a harder time concentrating or remembering things. You may have observed an increase in health issues or poor sleep. You may have sensed that the consciousness of the body is off in some way but have not yet connected all the dots. All of these are profound reasons to examine what you are consuming that is feeding the quality of consciousness that governs your human experience.

Socrates once commented, "The unexamined life is not worth living." If he were alive today, his consciousness cry might be, "The unexamined diet is not worth eating."

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