God Is Not Santa Claus (And Other Shocking Truths)

Today's topic comes from this fundamental idea that, God, as we've been conditioned to know it (whether you believe in a God or not) is a power outside of us.

We are unpacking these ideas, busting these myths, and letting go of old limited archaic concepts of God, life, and power, in order to come to a deeper and truer understanding of life principles.

What I really want you to get is the fundamental understanding that life is not personal, it's principle. The nature of God is an isness. God is a principle and a presence. It's not something that's changing or something that evolves.

On some level, this has entered into our culture and conditioning, into the way we see ourselves, life, and the way we see the universe (Again, whether you believe in a God or you believe in a universal power, universal laws, or you believe in good luck.)

All of that is a part of this fundamental concept of our belief in God. Your belief or your concept of what God is absolutely has a major impact on how you experience life, how you live life, and to the level that which you get to express the full potential of life.

The first and foremost thing we need to understand is that there is no God or no power out there, not in the North Pole, not on the North Star and not in the stars. All the power is within you.

Listen to the podcast episode above for the full explanation and learn how you can put it to work in your life TODAY.

And remember, self-help is shelf help -- you have everything you need already!

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