Google Fingers Revealed In New EBook

PHOTOS: Google Fingers Revealed In New EBook

Forget Google Glass. A new ebook has come out featuring Google Fingers. Or rather, the scanned fingers of Google Books employees, released under the guise of a 1709 book titled A True Copy of a Letter from the Reverend Mr. Greenshields.

This isn't the first time that the unintentional scanning errors contained within Google Books have been displayed. The Art of Google Books Tumblr appeared last year, while book designer Ben Shaykin created his own publication, Google Hands as part of his MFA in 2009.

The identity of this creation's author hasn't yet come to light, but one thing is for sure: 11 years after Google first started scanning books, there's a lot of unintended consequences of their efforts, be they positive, negative or artistic, yet to come to light.

Google Fingers

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