Governor Cuomo, We've Had Enough!

We marched through the cold snow, the winter nights, the brutal winds, the shivering rain... for justice. For months, we have not let up. We refuse to let the death of Eric Garner be in vain, so we have made demands, organizations joined forces and thousands of young people took to the streets. I am beyond disbelief that even though there is a glaring problem with the policies of policing in New York City and in our country coupled with an inherently flawed justice system, not one new law has been passed since a father of four was choked out on a hot, summer day last July in Staten Island. Mr. Governor, not one.

I spoke to you on the phone and you promised me that you would fix the grand jury system at the top of this year's legislative session, and that did not happen. But, this isn't about you and me, this is about the people. The people who got you elected, who have completely lost their faith in the way police shootings and cases of abuse are currently handled. You made a proposal in your "State of the State" address, but ultimately were unable to get it included in this year's budget. I am certainly privy to the challenges that your proposal faced amongst activists, Republican Senators and District Attorneys and that it was no easy task to get it through, but nevertheless, we are still left with nothing. The people have been left with nothing. Meanwhile, the officer who killed Eric Garner still has his job and the guy who was suppose to prosecute him will most likely be rewarded with a seat in the halls of Congress. It is clear to the citizens of New York, except many those in elected office, that something is terribly wrong with this system and must be changed before another... Oh wait, that has already happened, 300+ times in this country in 2015 alone.

Mr. Governor, you have to make a move. The people are demanding it. And that is to tap into your political courage and sign an executive order automatically appointing a special prosecutor in any cases involving the death or serious bodily injury of an unarmed civilian by a police officer. You have to restore faith within the criminal justice system here in New York State. Without action, everyday it is deteriorates more and more. The country is at a breaking point. With the death of Mr. Walter Scott in North Charleston, South Carolina over the weekend, we are witnessing the end of the rope. You must lead. If you have any ambition for office beyond our home state, now is the time to show the nation that you can make a decision to protect the people and restore confidence in our criminal justice system. There is much you can do and need to do besides this, but this should have been done by now.