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Gravy Candy: Archie McPhee Has Released New Savory Weirdness

Just in case you got any wild ideas, it doesn't come with mashed potato candy.

The weird candy mad scientists at Archie McPhee are at it again. You might remember the time we tasted their Chicken Suckers. Or maybe the time we really grossed ourselves out with their Foie Gras Bubble Gum. Apparently, not content with our collective confusion as a nation of candy-eaters, they've released Gravy Candy into the world.

Their slogan, "Tastes Like Gravy," is pretty much all we need to know. And just in case you got any wild ideas, their website specifies that Gravy Candy "does not come with mashed potato candy." At least they warned us.

gravy candy

The brave and/or gravy-loving among you can pick up a box of Gravy Candy from Archie McPhee for $5.95. If anyone has tasted this yet, please let us know if you think it's better or worse than the Poutine Soda we tasted. We've only just recovered.

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