Greg Gumbel Interview With Dayton's Coach Got Awkward And Stayed That Way (VIDEO)

Things got awkward and stayed that way when CBS' Greg Gumbel interviewed Dayton basketball coach Archie Miller on Sunday afternoon.

After noting that Miller didn't look very happy "on the outside" a day after his team advanced to the Sweet 16, the veteran broadcaster made a pair of gaffes that left everyone baffled. First, Gumble mistakenly stated that both Miller and his brother, Arizona coach Sean Miller, had clinched spots in the Sweet 16. While Dayton sealed a spot by upsetting No. 3 Syracuse on Saturday night, No. 1 Arizona had yet to play its third round game at the time of the interview. Then Gumbel actually called Miller by his brother Sean's name.

As if things couldn't get stranger, the interview then abruptly ended without any explanation or goodbyes.