'Gremlins' Remake Could Happen With Steven Spielberg Involved


Don't feed this rumor after midnight: According to Vulture, Warner Bros. is hoping to bring back "Gremlins" with Steven Spielberg attached as producer.

Before purchasing tickets, however, consider that rumors of another "Gremlins" film have been around for years. In 2004, "Gremlins" director Joe Dante said there was talk of a third "Gremlins" film, but that it probably wouldn't happen.

"I somehow doubt it," Dante told Empire. "The technology that drove the first two pictures is so dated now that any new 'Gremlins' movie would have to be CGI, but I think the prosaicness of the puppetry and all that stuff we had in the first two movies really defined those pictures. Anybody who did a new Gremlins movie would have to make it as different from those two pictures as they possibly could."

In 2009, Dante suggested to Empire that a remake of "Gremlins" could be possible, even with the new CGI technology.

"I hear they're going to make another one soon," Dante said. "I can see why - it would be stupid to let that title go to waste. The actors from the first two are too old to do a proper sequel, so I'm sure when the new one arrives it will be a remake of the original."

Last year, producer Frank Marshall threw cold water on the idea of a "Gremlins" remake, telling CraveOnline.com that it wouldn't happen without Spielberg's approval.

"I think by now we have something in our contracts, or at least Amblin does, where it can't be remade without Steven's permission," he said.

As Vulture notes, the idea for Warner Bros. is to get Spielberg onboard.

"Gremlins" made over $148 million upon its initial release in 1984. The film's 1990 sequel, "Gremlins 2: The New Batch," a meta-comedy, grossed $41 million.

For more on "Gremlins" and its possible remake, head to Vulture.

[via Vulture]

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