Does Hunger Make You Angry? You're Not Alone When You're Hangry.

62 percent of Americans get hangry. And 20 percent have alienated a loved one because of it.

Do you wake up in the morning angry at the world, shooting darts from your eyes until you’ve gotten a piece of toast in you? Or is it a four o’clock hunger attack that leaves you loathing anyone within 10 feet of you? This is hanger, and if you experience it we think you should know: you are not alone.

Hanger is the feeling of being angry because you are hungry. According to a Zagat survey, a whopping 62 percent of Americans experience hanger ― 16 percent of them experience it in the morning and 52 percent in the afternoon. Zagat asked these people about their hanger and put together their findings in this infographic.


Still not convinced that hanger is a real thing, and not just someone’s excuse to be a jerk? Zagat even made a documentary about this dining phenomenon, interviewing writers who are prolific on the topic and researchers who set out to prove that food ― and the lack of it ― does have a real effect on our mood. Watch:

Stop hanger before it happens to you. One way to prepare is with quick recipes that will get food from fridge to mouth as fast as possible. You can find a few great ideas in the slideshow below.

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