Harriet Tubman Is 'Dope As Hell' In This Hilarious 'Drunk History' Reenactment

Crissle West and Octavia Spencer are comedic perfection.

No one has retold Harriet Tubman’s story quite like Crissle West and Octavia Spencer.

West, a writer and co-host of the popular comedy podcast “The Read,” joined Comedy Central’s latest episode of “Drunk History,” during which participants get drunk and talk history while actors (usually famous ones) reenact the funny scenes.

In West’s hysterical lesson on Tubman, she mentions how the American hero led a “real stealth operation” and an “army of bad bitches” on her quest to free 750 slaves. But the glory doesn't stop there -- award-winning actress Octavia Spencer hilariously brings the story to life by portraying Tubman herself.

“I’m not even about to bulls***t you; this is about to be some bulls***t,” Spencer recites as Tubman. “You motherf**kers have never seen no s**t like this before. I got some dope ass s**t planned out.”

An inebriated West delivers an impressive narration as Tubman kicks butt. West's reflection says it all: “This s***t was dope as hell.”

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