This 'Harry Potter' Theory Will Forever Change How You See Gryffindor

So THAT's how you get sorted into Gryffindor?! 😱

Potterheads, we have another fan theory that just might blow your mind.

Tumblr user claudthecat may have cracked the Sorting Hat code. The theory?

The only way to get sorted into Gryffindor is to ask.

That's right. The Sorting Hat takes requests. Sounds a little far-fetched, but think about it. We already know that Harry was a potential candidate for Slytherin, but asked the Sorting Hat to instead place him in Gryffindor.

This raises suspicions with other characters.

Could it be that Hogwarts students can request to be in Gryffindor, even if they have the dominant traits of another house?

Here's the evidence. Ron certainly does not meet Gryffindor's bravery standards and his unwavering loyalty is more of a Hufflepuff trait. Cowardly yet loyal Lupin, for similar reasons as Ron, also seems to be a better fit for Hufflepuff. And let's be honest here, Hagrid clearly belongs in Hufflepuff, too. Yes, he is courageous at times, "but more than anything he's fair, loyal, and unafraid to defend those he loves." Neville also falls into this category.

Fred and George are cunning, resourceful, clever, and ambitious making them "clear candidates for Slytherin," according to the Tumblr post. After all, those are the signature traits of the house. Moreover, how on earth did Peter Pettigrew end up in Gryffindor? His betrayal of James and Lily, as well as his framing of Sirius for his crimes, makes him more of a Slytherin.

Then there's Dumbledore, arguably the most cunning and resourceful character of the entire Harry Potter series. Some may even argue he's more of a Slytherin than Lord Voldemort himself, which begs the question:

Why is Albus Dumbledore not a Slytherin???

Arthur Weasley is yet another example of a character who likely belongs in another house. His wild creativity and curiosity make him the perfect Ravenclaw candidate. The same could even be applied to Hermione, whose wisdom, intelligence and wit are easily her most prominent characteristics.

So what's the verdict, Potterheads?

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