J.K. Rowling

Warner Bros., the studio behind the "Harry Potter" spin-off sequel, said that the "spirit of the film remains intact."
An old video of the “Harry Potter” star speaking up about transgender rights has gone viral for its stark contrast to author J.K. Rowling’s views.
J.K. Rowling’s latest comments on Dumbledore and Grindelwald’s relationship have raised eyebrows about the lack of LGBTQ representation in her films and books.
Cancel culture is seemingly happening to everyone, every day, but what exactly is it? Dr Tina Sikka explains where cancel culture came from and what it means for society.
Russia's president lamented "cancel culture" during a televised diatribe against the world's condemnation of his Ukraine invasion.
Whether you read the books or saw the movies, chances are you loved Harry Potter. But which version did you prefer?
"It’s a wizarding world where ... we can ride dragons, you can have a pet owl… and who should run the bank? Jews,” said the former “Daily Show” host.
Everyone is talking about "cancel culture," but what exactly is it and why are so many famous public figures afraid of it?
"I cannot even begin to explain the pain I feel knowing that the author who wrote the most formative book series of my life does not believe I am valid."
The comedian told The Hollywood Reporter, "I want people to know I’m not a racist or a homophobe or a sexist."