Harry, You've Done a Heck of a Job

Now that Harriet Miers will have to settle for a Presidential Medal of Freedom rather than the up-or-down vote the right was clamoring for twenty minutes ago, I wonder what second-choice nominee will gladly step up to the designation as not-the-best-person-in-the-country-for-the-job-but-darn-close?

"Harry, you're a hard act to follow" or "No one can fill your shoes" are sentences hard to utter without risking esophageal reflux. Even the media seem to have caught on. Documents? Shmocuments. All across the channels, the idea that her withdrawal is a consequence of an intransigent Senate's insistence on breaching executive privilege is being roundly poo-poohed as a "red herring," "smokescreen," "cover story." I can't wait to see if the networks have the same cojones to demystify White House spin come Fitzmas morning.