The Incredible Supporting Cast of Cher's New Video

Cher has a new music video and it's amazing.

"Woman's World," was an anthem for many a gay pride celebration this summer and has been played everywhere from NYC nightclubs to suburban moms' girl's nights out. Just try to resist shouting the "tell the truth." You can't -- we all end up doing our best Cher impression (or Jack McFarland as Cher impression) and dancing like we're on our very own stage.

The video was recently released and it has all the wonderful campy Cher-ness we've come to expect, including an array of hairstyles (my favorite is a particularly innovative one made of newspaper shreds) dancing, singing, and Cher in all her divinity.

But there's more to this video -- the women that are featured are so different. Different races, different sizes, different in every way from most characters on TV, in movies, anywhere. The diversity is so refreshing and especially in a time when we've all been pushing for more alternative characters in the main stream media. It truly portrays womanhood as a bond that reaches across everything else.

So, thank you, Cher for empowering us all -- not just women, but anyone who is different. Tell the truth.