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The Healthy Lunch Idea Boards You Should Follow On Pinterest

Back-to-school planning just got a lot easier.

Clothes shopping and supply shopping are definitely on the brain, now that it's time for back-to-school preparation. But there's one more thing to think about: school lunches.

A topic that is controversial around the United States, and even the world, the quality of lunches for kindergarten through 12th grade students have varied throughout decades. With big corporate companies profiting from the subpar meals provided by academic institutions, parents might be concerned with what their child eats at school.

So why not make lunch? There are easy options, plus you'll definitely know what's going into your kid's body.

Celebrity chef Curtis Stone is helping parents out with his Back to School Healthy Eats and Treats board on Pinterest. Stone's personal curation has an almost endless supply of simple lunch recipes and tasty snacks.

Stone told the Huffington Post, "I believe in introducing our kids to as many flavors, textures and cuisines as possible from a young age and to give that your best shot, the trick is to give kids most of the same things you and I eat." To that sentiement, Stone feels that will simplify the way parents make lunch this upcoming fall. "This means you don’t make more meals than you need to, which is paramount at back to school time when everyone is crazy busy."

Don't worry, there's also room for sweet treats. "Most of my pins are healthy and nutritious ideas," Stone said, adding, "but I’ve thrown some homemade ‘sometimes’ treats in there too, because I remember how happy I felt when I found a sweet something in my lunchbox when I was in school!"

Since we're dealing with Pinterest here, the inspiration doesn't stop there. Take a look at Curtis' main board below, plus several other boards that he and the Pinterest team suggest for back-to-school food ideas.

Curtis Stone's Back to School Healthy Eats and Treats

Cait's Plate's {lunch}

The Spicy RD's Lunch Box 101

Cookin' Canuk's Healthy School Morning Breakfast Recipes

The Food Nanny's After School Snack

Faith Corrien Valdez's Lunches/Leftovers

Hip Foodie Mom's For The Kids

Simple Stacie's Back to School

Lunchbox Dad's My Lunchbox Dad Meals

Sunshine and Hurricanes' Kids Lunches

Inspired by Family's Lunch and Afternoon Snacks

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