Spencer Pratt Says 'The Money Was Beyond Worth' Being Vilified On 'The Hills'

Spencer Pratt: 'The Money Was Beyond Worth' Being Vilified On 'The Hills'

Spencer Pratt ignited a firestorm with his immature antics on MTV's "The Hills," with the ill will toward him extending all the way to the family of his girlfriend and now wife, Heidi Montag. While it admittedly took a toll on the couple, the reality star explained in a HuffPost Live interview on Monday why he doesn't regret his tarnishing his reputation onscreen.

"The money was beyond worth it, when you count it back," Pratt told host Caitlyn Becker.

But his unlikeable television persona did ultimately become an obstacle for both he and Montag, he recalled:

I didn't think it was an issue until Heidi's whole family hated me, and I was like, "Wait, we're getting checks! Everything's all good over in 'The Hills,'" and they're like, "Leave him, Heidi, he's awful!" When it becomes a family thing... It's one thing to have [Lauren Conrad] having a problem with your relationship, but when Heidi's mom hates you and Heidi's sister hates you and Heidi's sweet brother Sky hates you -- yeah, it was definitely awful.

Earnings from the hit reality show financed their $20,000-per-week spending habits, but the "Marriage Boot Camp" stars soon realized they didn't have the resources to spend that way forever.

"We were trying to live the J.Lo lifestyle and it's like, you gotta have hundreds of millions to live like J.Lo or Beyonce," Pratt said. "These people are spending a hundred grand a week, easy. You gotta be Kim K to be hustlin' like that."

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