Help Me Fight for a Public Option

There is a historic effort underway in Washington right now to finally address the health care crisis in this country, and I need your help.

As I've written over at DailyKos and as I told Howard Dean last week, I believe that a robust not-for-profit public option must be a part of the health care reform package Congress passes this year. I feel that opening up a Medicare For All type system to everyone would lower costs and increase efficiency by injecting some much needed competition into the market.

I was very pleased to see the Senate HELP committee pass a bill out of committee last week that included a public option, and I assure you, I am going to do everything in my power to ensure that a public option remains in the final bill. I feel that not only must the public option be national and accountable to Congress, but it must be made available to all Americans right away. We've kicked health care reform down the road for far too long already. As others have said -- I think rightly -- a public option has already been triggered.

As you know, we are at a critical time in the health care reform debate, which means we must keep the pressure on. That's where you come in. The online community has done so much already -- and trust me, those of us fighting for real reform feel encouraged by your advocacy and those who are opposed to it are feeling the pressure. Will you help me keep the pressure on? Please join me in advocating for a public option by signing my petition today. I truly believe that health care is a right, not a privilege, and that the time for real reform -- including a public option -- is now. As the President said last night, the status quo is not an option and with you by my side, I intend to continue to fight for the real reform that Americans deserve.

Thanks for all your hard work.