History Miami Exhibits Are World Class

If traveling to D.C., it's in our DNA to hit the Smithsonian.

New York, the Met and National History Museum.

Chicago, Grant Park and its museums.

In Miami, the same needs to happen the History Miami museum.

Why? It's a world class institution.

Need proof: go to the current Frank Sinatra exhibit at History Miami.

Curated by History Miami and the L.A. based Grammy museum, this wonderful, interactive exhibit further continues the commitment of our history museum to bringing wonderfully nuanced culture home.


The Ol' Blue Eyes Sinatra showcase immediately continues a trend the museum started when they curated the Bob Marley and Beatles exhibits in recent years past.

It's fun. And interactive. And timely...

It's Sinatra 100th birthday celebration.

And in bittersweet history, the exhibit somewhat celebrates the life of Frank Sinatra, Jr., who recently passed away only five days after performing in Miami. Mr. Sinatra was not able to make it to the museum, but the current exhibit features home movies featuring Frank Sinatra Jr., and other paraphernalia.

Down the pipeline, the History Miami Museum is opening a huge Tim Chapman exhibit April 15th. The collection of the Miami Herald photojournalist will depict world events including The Jonestown Massacre, Cocaine Cowboys Era, Hurricane Andrew and Mariel Boatlift.

I love this museum. They're human.

They have cool immersive events like cool gospel workshops with the Lee Boys, only one of the purest and rawest bands in Florida.

Plus the tours that they conduct.

No other South Florida public institution offers as much interactive human programming as the History Miami museum. Yet at the same time the museum is under-appreciated by tourists and many locals alike. The museum's numbers should be better. But this will change.

For over the years, getting to know the small group of people behind the scenes, they are so nice it makes you want to go the extra mile to help them any way possible.