Artist Creates Perfect Illustrations For Roald Dahl's Wonderfully Dark Tales

Before your foray into adult literature, your imagination was likely visited from time to time by Roald Dahl's colorful and often frightening characters, whether they be Matilda, Augustus Gloop or a pack of witches.

We didn't think anyone could rival Quentin Blake when it comes to giving shape to Dahl's beloved characters, but an artist named Holly Mills is making us reconsider. Her eerily dreamy watercolors have the perfect combination of creepiness and sweetness to suit Dahl's signature style.

"I was drawn to the distinctive dark and tense mood of Dahl's writing and wanted the challenge of trying to capture that atmosphere in the illustrations," she explained to the Huffington Post in an email. Peruse 10 wonderfully dark Dahl-esque depictions below, and let us know if you're in awe of her illustration chops in the comments.

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