Homeless D.C. Student Awarded Full Scholarship To Georgetown University

The homeless shelter that was formerly D.C.'s General Hospital has been making headlines for the story of a staff janitor who kidnapped 8-year-old Relisha Rudd. But one young woman's story shows a different face of the institution through her journey, not unlike the "Homeless to Harvard" success story of Khadijah Williams.

Rashema Melson, a model student -- 18-years-old and a 4.0 GPA athlete -- has been living at the D.C. General homeless shelter for the past two years with her mother and two siblings. And according to Fox 5 D.C. that the Anacostia High School senior been accepted to Georgetown University on a full ride scholarship.

Despite being on the move with her family for the past six years, Melson explained to Bob Barnard of Fox 5 D.C. how motivation is the key to her accomplishments,"It's not hard for me because I want it. When you're doing it because you have to it's a struggle. But I want to be successful... that's my goal in life."

Melson's next step is studying biology as a pre-med undergraduate, and eventually becoming a forensic pathologist -- a career aspiration inspired by the murder of her father as a child.

Visit Georgetown's website for information about the university's involvement with homeless D.C. youth.



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