Homeless Teen Finds His Voice With StoryCorpsU and a Compassionate Teacher

In 2013, Aaron, a freshman at Corliss High School on the South Side of Chicago, was living on the streets.

His English class was participating in StoryCorpsU, an education program that uses StoryCorps broadcasts and interview techniques to help students find their voice.

Teachers and students who take part get to know each other more deeply and strengthen their relationships, a key factor in academic success.

Through a recording Aaron made for the class, his teacher Celeste Davis-Carr learned that he was homeless.


A year later, Aaron spoke with Celeste about telling his story. Aaron's last name and photo are being withheld at the request of his foster care agency.

Listen to the story here.

To learn more about StoryCorps' youth-development program, visit SCU.org and We Are StoryCorps.