Millennials are old now, and Gen Z is way cooler than they could ever hope to be.
Sixty percent said they're feeling lonely. And more than half said they're feeling anxious.
Two high school students have banded together with other teenagers in their community to help seniors during the coronavirus pandemic.
The girls of TikTok are creating new aesthetic labels. For everyone who's not caught up, here's what's what.
Grown & Flown's Lisa Heffernan talks about raising independent kids, the milestone mindset and the dreaded teenage years.
Step 1: Check your policy for the biggest money-saving loophole of all.
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The one about "inspirational posters" for teens is hilarious.
Teens are abandoning the once-popular retail floor.
Kaitlyn Berthiaume was unanimously chosen cheer captain.
They paint a picture of sexual misconduct today that resembles Brett Kavanaugh’s alleged teenage offenses.
School closures mark another loss for children in Puerto Rico still mentally recovering from Hurricane Maria.
The woman, presumably the teen's mom, showed off some impressive moves at San Diego's Petco Park.
"I thought I should get the senior discount because I was a senior in high school."
A look into the history of this teenage rite of passage.
Teenagers have been snorting condoms through their noses and out their mouths as part of a social media “condom challenge.” But condom challenges aren’t a new trend.
As young people around the world rally against gun violence, this should serve as a reminder that the problem affects them far beyond school shootings.
"Once considered a menace to society, teenagers are now cleaning up the political catastrophe left by older generations."
At some point, you just have to let go of fixing everything for them.
If you see these on your teen's phone, it's time for a talk.
Teenagers in Queens, NY are using amateur radio to communicate with Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria, and they’re learning about themselves in the process.