10 Jobs Where You're Most Likely To Hook Up With Co-Workers

Spending long hours at the office secretly searching for the perfect OKCupid date? Here's an idea: Just look around you instead.

That’s because, like it or not, people get down with their co-workers, and it turns out some (job) positions can be a bit more amorous than others. PayScale, a career website, recently asked 42,000 people working a variety of jobs (apparently not including adult film stars) about their co-worker hookup history. And to say the least, the results were surprising.

Okay, so sure, the buxom waitress and the grease-dappled mechanic are in there, but who knew database administrators spread so many more sheets than the ones they run on Excel?

In fact, one in ten employees reported actually having sex while at the office in a survey last year. Twenty-somethings also admit to office flings much more than baby boomers, according to Payscale. But that’s probably because they’re, you know, twenty-something.

Here are the jobs where workers are most likely to have an office fling:

10. Planning And Expediting Clerks

Jobs Where Workers Are Most Likely To Have A Fling

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