Hot Organic Farmers: Pick The Cutest Organic Farmer (PHOTOS)

Hot Organic Farmers: Pick The Cutest Organic Farmer (PHOTOS)

Here at HuffPost Green, we think organic farmers are heroes and rock stars. And nothing is sexier than someone who likes to get dirty AND supports the good food revolution. We thought we'd celebrate some of the cuties who are farming across the country and are easy on the eyes as well. Check out this slideshow, and vote for who you think is the cutest. We'll invite the winner to blog about about his or her farm.

Think we missed some totally cute farmers who deserve recognition? Send in your nominations below!

Here's how it works: hit the participate button, write the name of the farmer and a short description about the farm, and mark the location of the farm by searching for an address in the box on the top right of the map, upload your photo of the farmer and hit submit. Thank you!

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