Why Call Centers Are a Valuable Employer

I can't say that my current job is the best thing in the world. I don't think anyone can say that about their own job. But I owe a lot to my call center position, and here's why...

Working at a call center is like Thanksgiving dinner. It doesn't matter if you work at an inbound or outbound call center -- you have to be nice to the person on the other side of the line -- or the dinner table -- no matter what. And there's always a black elephant in the room. You'll want to strangle the person, help the person or maybe even spend more with the person. But there's one mission and one mission only, getting through the day -- or getting through the phone call.

There are two types of call centers. Inbound call centers are those where people call in for technical support, to purchase a product, etc. Outbound call centers are where the employee make calls to ask for donations, support, etc.

But both call centers give you four valuable qualities that not a lot of other businesses can.

1. Rapport Building
Rapport is one of the key skills that not a lot of employees have now a days. And the thing is, no matter what field you decide to make a career in, being able to form a relationship with someone is key in any business. Rapport building is key to the call center industry and will definitely be one of the key skills you take with you through all aspects of your life.

2. Problem Solving
Because it is the call center industry is the call center industry, a lot of stereotypes and assumptions of what you do will get in the way. The job automatically requires you to be able to solve a problem. But the experience you have in a call center will teach you how to solve problems in your own life in an organized, efficient, and timely way.

3. Conflict Resolution
Sometimes emotions will get in the way. If you're asking people for donations, at least one out of 10 phone calls you make will introduce you to a person who is angry, upset, or somewhere in between. If people are asking you for a service, you are guaranteed to face a person who doesn't speak to you properly or makes you uncomfortable for some reason. We're all human. But working for a call center employer will teach you how to keep calm in both positive and negative situations and integrate tips and tricks to make the conversation great!

4. Time Management
We might be living in the age of social media, but no one wants to be on their phone for a long time. Everything is fast paced now where the call center industry will teach you how to build a relationship, solve a problem, and assure that the person feels respected in a reasonable amount of time!