How Tall Is Caillou, And Should We Be Scared?

He's just a boy who's four, and each day he grows some more.
Children's character Caillou, left, with his family. He's getting a lot of attention because of his reported height online.
Children's character Caillou, left, with his family. He's getting a lot of attention because of his reported height online.
Caillou's official website

Depending who you ask, Caillou, the fictional four-year-old boy on the children’s show of the same name, is either a charming and wholesome kid adventuring through the world, or a tyrannical brat who terrorizes his parents until he gets his way.

But after some online sleuthing, there now seems to be a third option: Caillou is a giant-sized boy. And some people online are startled.

Twitter user Natalie Ziesmer drew attention on social media after she asked the important question: “How tall is Caillou?” Google provided the horrifying result that he’s apparently five feet, 11 inches tall. Yes, nearly six feet in height.

In case you were wondering, the average height for a man in Canada is five feet 10 inches tall. That means Caillou is a four-year-old child who’s taller than a typical grown man.

It certainly puts the show’s theme song in a chilling new light. Not only does Caillou sing “each day I grow some more,” but before the song even starts, his mother says “you’re getting to be a big boy!”

Uh, no kidding.

Puzzlingly, some people who did the same Google search got the same height, while others were told Caillou’s height is seven feet two inches. That makes him taller than Shaquille O’Neal.

Some other odd details from the search: Caillou weighs 171 pounds, and his blood type is B+.

Naturally, people on Twitter had some thoughts.

This raises some questions. Because Caillou appears to be a regular child in proportion to his parents, as opposed to the whole family being of adult height, should we understand that his parents are giants, too? Is the Caillou universe a place where adults are all around eight feet tall? What explanation can there possibly be for a toddler to be nearly six feet in height?

Caillou’s reported height of five feet 11 inches is listed in at least two places, both on the Fandom wiki, a website that hosts user-edited pages for a wide variety of movies, TV shows and video games. There’s his relatively straightforward character page on the Caillou wiki page, and a relatively sassy write-up filed under “Made up characters.” (Sample line: “Caillou is a whiny little French-Canadian spoiled brat.”)

Unlike Wikipedia, though, Fandom doesn’t list its sources, so it isn’t clear where the information came from. HuffPost Canada reached out to the site, and will update this story if there’s any insight into why this toddler is so large.

But this is hardly the first time the size of children’s characters has freaked people out. According to a truly disturbing 2001 Time Magazine article, the Teletubbies ranged in height from six feet six inches tall to a full 10 feet in height.

Have fun sleeping tonight!

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