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How To Entertain: We Confess Our Biggest Party Disasters

Flickr photo by x-ray delta one

There are many ways to end a party: Dimming the lights, wrapping up the refreshments, dressing up for bed, or maybe just stopping the music. And then there are the unintentional ways to end a party, like not having enough snacks (we've all attended the party where everyone got tipsy within an hour, thanks to an empty stomach), or worse, somebody letting their dinner make a return appearance. Ahem.

Both incidents have happened to people we know, who have decided to share their battle stories under the condition of anonymity. And though their stories are some of the worst we've heard, let us not forget the other incidents we've all witnessed. Since knowledge is power, feel free to add your story to the slideshow by clicking on "Add Slide." Share away!

The Worst Party Disasters Ever