How to Find YOUR Way

How often have you set a goal for yourself only to find a little of the ways in, you either have lost full interest or for the life of you, cannot remember why you set the goal in the first place?

How about for work? For your company, for your department or for your team? Q4 is almost over for some and for others Q4 will soon be upon us. On comes that dreaded time of figuring out where your numbers are and more often than not, coming up with ways to scramble to hit your target.

And your target? How many of you are working to hit targets that were set 9-12 months ago? Targets that may not reflect your marketplace today?

If any or all of this is you...take a deep breath. You probably spend too much energy focusing on things you may not be able to control; hence, your stress and exhaustion levels often feel through the roof.

And you are not alone.

In one of my recent surveys, over 150 women responded when asked what one of their greatest challenges are and what they want to accomplish. They want to have:

  • More balance in my life
  • Greater health and wellness
  • More support at work, i.e., more talented people and more freedom
  • Better strategic goals for their Department
  • More Board engagement and contribution

And that's just to name a few.

So, how can you find YOUR way?

I say it this way because it is so important for you, as an individual, to think about and set out your self-strategy and goals. It is important to set your own direction and then bring that direction to those around you:
  • Your loved ones
  • Your colleagues
  • Your boss
  • Your community

In a recent HuffPost article, I shared a Workbook I provide to all of my clients, whether they be coaching clients, Workshops I am running or Keynote speeches I'm giving. Click HERE for a complimentary copy of my Living Intentionally Workbook.

The next step in the process is to set your goals. And not surprisingly, I have a Workbook for that, too! Click HERE for a complimentary copy of 3 Steps to Goal Success Workbook.

Yes, I realize that setting goals is nothing new...but as I asked at the beginning of this article, how often have you set a goal for yourself and then not completed it? Not followed through? Asked why you even picked that goal or had that idea in the first place?!

My 3 Steps to Goal Success include:
  • Attention
  • Effort
  • Measurement

So, before you commit yourself to a goal, I encourage you to download this guide and ask yourself and give yourself time to answer:

  1. WHY is this goal important to you in the first place? How important is it to you to complete it? How excited are you to start? Are you ready to give this goal the attention it needs and deserves?

  • WHAT will it take to achieve this goal? What support will come from you (internal) and what support will you need from others (external)? How hard will it be to ask for support?
  • HOW will you celebrate your small wins along the way? It's important to create measurements of success before you start. These milestones will help to keep you going.
  • How do you find YOUR way?

    First give yourself some time to think about and define who you are - at heart. Second, give yourself time to think about and write down goals that will keep you on YOUR path. Goals that are in alignment with you are and how you want to be.

    Then, and only then, will you be on your way to greater success, fulfillment, less stress, deeper breaths...

    Of course, none of this is guaranteed but then again, not much is in this life.

    And as Glennon Melton Doyle says:

    "Life is Brutiful so just do the next right thing."