How To Make Sex Work Safer In 2016

Crazy hours. Chasing dollars. Constantly laying yourself open for strangers. Freelance journalism is pretty similar to prostitution, and I should know -- I've had better careers than you in both. I start every article I write about sex work by outing myself as a former pro because there are so few people in the media with firsthand job experience of the issue. See what I did there? It was a joke about handjobs. Because I used to do them. For money. When I was a prostitute. Anyway, I've asked some current sex workers how the game could be improved. Obviously, I was hoping to interview a real expert on the matter -- someone like Lena Dunham, or Emma Thompson, perhaps, but they were busy.


I've been drinking in Laura Lee's Dublin tones for half an hour. Even over the phone, she's a tour de force. "I was at this debate about sex work a few years ago in Glasgow and sitting there listening to the lies they were putting out." She was incensed. "I thought, 'You're speaking a load of drivel that has nothing to do with my life or any of the women I've worked with.'" A sex workers' rights activist was born. This is an increasingly vocal community of campaigners.


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