The new law signed by California Gov. Gavin Newsom is meant to circumvent an Arizona law — first passed in 1864 — that bans nearly all abortions in that state.
"He just floated away into the elevator in a lavender haze of talent," Poehler recalled of her clunky exchange with the late singer on "Saturday Night Live."
"We didn’t need company or an audience, we needed help and compassion."
Stop falling into this trap, and you just might experience joy more often.
When it comes to communicating with their humans, cats have some interesting preferences.
Police said Todd Marchetti, 51, broke into his ex's home at 3 a.m. armed with a machete while her family was out of state on vacation.
The internet didn’t pull its punches after the actor was spotted in a bizarre hat during filming for “And Just Like That.”
The WhatsApp group, which included actors Andrew Scott and Joe Alwyn, is thought to be the inspiration for Swift's most recent album title.
If you find yourself plagued by thoughts of your former partner more often than you'd like, read this.
The Oscar winner made the questionable statement at a news conference during the Cannes Film Festival.