Donald Eugene Younge Jr. had also been suspected of killing multiple women in Illinois in a case known as the “garbage bag” murders.
Brooke Schwartz, who is married to former Chiefs offensive tackle Mitchell Schwartz, also questioned Butker's choice of Taylor Swift lyrics.
Until Thursday, J.Lo and husband, Ben Affleck, hadn't been photographed in public for 47 days.
"Someone asked my daughter if she had a hobby and her answer was 'just sitting'"
Benjamin Hollins allegedly staged his own death at an Arizona bridge and had been living under a fake name with a family with children.
“We have never had a tenured or tenure-track Teachers College faculty member who is Muslim. Why?” Amra Sabic-El-Rayess said.
"i saw a single tiktok in which a woman mispronounced gnocchi 'yonkees' and unfortunately for everyone in my life i am going to say it that way forever now."
Stefanie Hillhouse's sarcasm-laced takedown of the Chiefs kicker, her former "co-worker," went viral.
The "Hacks" star also revealed one of the secrets to her success -- and jokingly credited it to her birth order.
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