HTC Evo 4G REVIEWS (PHOTOS, VIDEO): It's 'The Best Android Out There'


Early HTC Evo 4G reviews have been largely positive so far, with writers praising Sprint's first 4G phone for its speed and features.

The HTC Evo 4G was announced earlier this week, and reviews of the device are just beginning to trickle in.

What's the word?


HTC's Evo 4G is the best Android phone out there. It may even be the best phone, period. Its combination of speed, size, and power mean that everyone else is officially playing catch-up.

Engadget also has a positive take, calling the HTC Evo 4G an 'Android-powered knight in superphone armor:'

[...] The phone will be dubbed the HTC EVO 4G, will be released this Summer and it's easily the best specced phone we've ever witnessed. The hardware is of quite obvious HD2 descent, but with Android onboard and some nice aesthetic tweaks, the EVO 4G takes on a life of its own.

Also check out Engadget's chart, which provides a side-by-side comparison of the Nexus One, Droid, and HTC Evo 4G.

PC World offers a close-up look at the phone's features, and although it doesn't have a full HTC Evo 4G review, it does provide some nice detail on the phone.

There's no word yet on the HTC Evo 4G's price. The phone should be released this summer.

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