Human Foot Found In Sasamat Lake, Canada

The agony of the feet continues in Canada.

British Columbia has been plagued by human feet, eight of which have recently washed ashore in the province, with another appendage found on the shore of Sasamat Lake near Port Moody on Friday, The Vancouver Sun reports.

This is at least the ninth foot discovered in British Columbia since 2007, according to The National Post. By other counts, there have been a dozen feet found.

The case of the mysterious feet has vexed authorities and the public, with details of the latest find differing from its predecessors in two ways, the CBC says.

The ninth foot, found last Friday by a child at a camp, was in a body of fresh water. All the previous feet, believed to have come from six different people, were in saltwater. And unlike the first eight, which were inside running shoes, the latest foot was in a hiking boot, media outlets said.

Like the earlier incidents, investigators don't suspect foul play in the latest discovery, The Globe and Mail reports. Medical examiners believe the feet separated from dead bodies due to natural causes.