Icing on the Cake by Susie Spain

“What Angels at Risk offers clearly makes a shift in the hearts and lives of kids, teenagers, and their families in the kindest of ways, transforming the social fabric of our community. The gift of it all is the amazing grace of a new world being created and born, where everyone is getting the best chance anyone could have at a healthy and better life. Truly, when there is a community that is not divided with social, economic or political boundaries, love endures and everybody helps. The issue of drug and alcohol use and abuse becomes equalized.” – HP, 2013

Prevention works, “In the end we never know what will save the day.” – HP, 2016

As the truest of activists, we know that when this issue is addressed early on in life kids and families’ lives can be changed forever and what we also know is that if it is addressed in the kindest and happiest of ways that we can continue to keep families futures bright.

We encourage everybody to reach out to each other now at the beginning of this 2016 school year to locate and find any and all programs about parenting and especially about prevention education in your local district, area, and neighborhood to safeguard your families and friends. It’s really important. Even if you don’t think that you have a problem or that this isn’t your issue still look around and check it out. Drug and alcohol prevention education and all mental health information and programs can only impart wisdom to everybody especially parents, teachers, and administrators. We are all connected. Everything counts, all efforts matter, extra learning is good, and it all adds up to icing on the cake.

Education awards everyone an opportunity for a brighter future. Our focus is to continue to impact students, parents, and families through our Angels at Risk direct programs and services while at the same time implementing educational trainings at an elementary, middle, and high school level. Our goal this year is to teach more families, schools, administrators, organizations, and communities through trainings of our Angels at Risk code of ethics and simple cutting-edge curriculum to prevent harm’s way for children and their families.

The dramatic truth remains this grand and neglected issue is pervasive throughout communities.

Angels at Risk’s prevention philosophy, and our programs and services have been recognized as making a difference in the quality of our community, both in preventing short-term crisis and in maintaining long-term social stability. Since 1997 our prevention education curriculum has been accepted and championed by government officials, community organizations, public and private schools and families both rich and poor.

The greatest wish from the heart from all of us at Angels at Risk is to continue to believe, to continue to spread our platform of faith and programs of prevention to other communities, and to continue to encourage everybody to learn.

And on a side note, please find below a direct link to a happy ditty about prevention education taken from Susie Spain’s Huffington Post blog library. It’s a keynote presentation in video form that was created for a Betty Ford presentation. It is an optimistic cautionary tale.

The Huffington Post is really cool and I am thankful to them. They have given our philanthropic voice of activism a place to raise the bar for mental health to be included like everything else in the resume of life.

It’s big.

Truly, Susie Spain/Founder

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