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Ikea Bag Dress Is Massive, In Need Of A Good Steam (PHOTOS)

When it comes to "a dress made out of...", it's hard to shock us. We've seen dresses made out of gummy bears, duct tape, wine and of course meat. But this latest addition to the "dress made out of..." canon impresses us by its sheer size -- when's the last time you bought a clothing item that took up the whole room?

The Ikea Bag Dress, constructed out of 555 wrinkly plastic blue Ikea totes, extends from the wearer's body and fills the entire room. Showcased in Winthertur, Switzerland's Gewerbemuseum Museum, the massive dress was created by Berlin-based artist Ida-Marie Corell, who wears it in the live exhibit called "Oh, Plastiksack!"

According to Yahoo Shine, Corell intended to draw attention to the plastic bag as "a simple piece of trash, an ecological hazard, a symbol of consumerism, and a history-defining invention." It's also a very difficult yet appealing material to turn into clothing.

Corell's not the first person to turn the iconic blue bag into a dress. This blogger took one bag (rather than 555) and fashioned it into a slim tube dress.

We're thinking the 1-bag dress is a little more practical than the 555-bag one. But if it's drama you're going for, Corell's room-filling ballgown fits the bill.

Check out photos. Are you a fan of this unconventional art piece?


ikea bag dress

ikea bag dress

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