Wine Dress: Fabric Made From Red Wine Brings New Meaning To Going Green (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Fashion Made From Wine

If the thought of green fashion causes your eyes to glaze over, let us present you with the latest, non-boring eco-friendly wear: garments fashioned entirely from wine.

Yes, you read that correctly. Through a biological fermentation process, researchers at The University of Western Australia have figured out a way for garments to literally form themselves without a stitch using wine. We knew Aussies were progressive when it comes to fashion, but producing fabric using living microbes is pretty crafty (if not a little gross).

The savvy researchers also figured out how to create different shades of cloth (because obviously you'll want color options). Depending on the kind of wine used, the delicate fabric that's created will either be red (red wine) or translucent (white wine or beer). Even weirder, the fabric actually smells like wine and feels like "sludge" when wet (yuck).

We're not quite sure if you would file this under recycling, upcycling or any other eco buzz word, but, at the very least, it's a pretty unique concept. If the idea of your clothes fermenting sounds disgusting, however, then perhaps this isn't your moment to jump on the green trend.

Would you wear clothes made out of wine? Check out the pictures of the fabric below and click over to Bioalloy's website to read more.

Fermented Fashion

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