In Defense of Kate Gosselin -- A Feminist Perspective

Does it occur to anyone else that some of the criticism of Kate Gosselin, the mom in, is pure, unadulterated sexism?
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Does it occur to anyone else that some of the criticism of Kate Gosselin, the mom in John and Kate plus Eight, is pure, unadulterated sexism? There is no doubt who is in charge in that household, who wears the pants if you will, and the nontraditional power relationship drives some of this public hostility.

Contrast the recent coverage screaming at us from the headlines of all those colorful magazines at the checkout stand. She gave him an allowance of $5? She travels while he stays home? He is a saint for getting the kids dressed once in awhile?

The Duggers, with 18 children, a made up religion that seems to advocate contempt for the rest of America, and a reality TV show on TLC, also have these same rules. But the pronouns are reversed. They stepped out of the '50's - the 1850's that is - complete with long dresses and an absolute, unflinching patriarchy.

Why don't I hear screeching about their parenting? Between the homeschooling, the physical construction work on the new house, and the system of letting the children parent each other, they are much farther from the American parenting norm than the Gosselins.

So go ahead and bag on her spray tan, her mullet in the making hair style, or her new boobs, but enough about her emasculating her husband. She's not the next Lorena Bobbitt, just your average $75,000 a week reality TV star with 8 kids, a sloth of a husband and a book tour.

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