In Order to Shift Your Mindset, You Must Heal Emotions


You know how when you get stressed, anxious, feel fear, disappointment or really any emotion that there’s a physical response?

You tense up. You constrict. Your heart beats faster. Cortisol in the body increases - this is the stress response hormone which also makes you gain weight.

When you’re doing mindset work - digging into past stories, limiting beliefs - you are unearthing all sorts of emotions.

Potentially emotions that have been suppressed - that have been wreaking havoc on mind, body, spirit.

What happens when you bring up those emotions? When you bring them to the surface?

They’re there all over again... unless you fully release them.

One of the best ways that I’ve ever found to heal and process emotions - really intense ones; traumatic ones; debilitating ones; the kind of emotions that most doctors would prefer to medicate...

The kind of emotions that come along with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - after witnessing 9/11 from your dorm room window the first week of college...

Is through yoga.

Doctors wanted to medicate me, and I tried it. But, I just felt like my head was floating and all of the trauma was still blueprinted into my body like the day that it happened...

That’s when I found yoga. I went inward. I started my journey of self-discovery, mindset work, compassion, and emotional healing 16 years ago.

I had been doing yoga. Going to classes. Practicing.

But never with such an adherence to healing, to shifting my mindset, to changing that emotional blueprint imprinted on my soul.

This yoga practice completely changed my life. It’s part of my being, and now I teach yoga as a way to share that gift with others.

What physical modalities are you using to compliment your mindset work?

Yoga should be one of them, and that’s exactly why I include it in the Soul and Goal Aligned Mastermind.

I teach regular yoga classes dynamically linked to mindset lessons so that my tribe not only shifts their mind - but also, emotions, body, and spirit.

What do you think that this would do for you?

- You’d lose weight. - You’d go further and faster with your mindset work than ever before. - You’d heal emotional blockages... in a way that anti-anxiety meds never could (at least not for me) - You’d Love yourself more and live more compassionately. - You’d have greater clarity, peace of mind, and less stress.

Which ultimately would lead to a wealthier, healthier, better balanced life...

I cannot think of a better time to get into the Soul and Goal Aligned Mastermind. For $99/mo you get regular mindset trainings, yoga classes, Q&A, and access to 1:1 coaching.

If you follow me, but you’re not in here, then there’s no way that you’re serious about all of this mindset stuff. There’s no way that you actually want to shift... its $99/Month.

Come join us... you’ll be thankful that you did.

Megan McAvoy Matté is the President of Aspire to Retire Rich where she inspires and impacts successful women in business to acheive personal wellbeing, business freedom, alignment to purpose, and financial security so that they may have everlasting fulfillment and change the world. Combining 10-years of entrepreneurial excellence, sales + business leadership, a depth of knowledge about personal finances + wealth creation, and a yoga teacher background... Megan is a logical, intuitive, compassionate, transformational leader eager to help you up-level your dreams and change your life by way of your mindset.

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