Inside The Life Of The SoHo House Owner

Imagine a day in the life of a London socialite. She'll pop into Topshop and pick out a miniskirt; head over to Le Caprice for lunch. She might enjoy a spot of tennis at the Bath & Racquets Club. She'll definitely meet a friend for a drink at Soho House, where they sill gossip about Kate Moss's new collection and what fun Naomi Campbell's fashion show was. She might even reveal who she spotted having lunch in Scott's the other day � and why she's really taking her hot new asset manager to George tomorrow. She'll finish it all off in a box at the theatre, with dinner at J Sheekey's afterwards.

She thinks she's being eclectic, but in fact her entire life belongs to two of London's most colourful gazillionaires. The Topshop tycoon Philip Green owns her clothes � or at least the trendy ones � while his best friend, the rag-trader-turned-restaurateur Richard Caring, owns the hangouts: the jet-set, media and hedge-fund favourites The Ivy, Le Caprice, J Sheekey, Scott's, Annabel's.