Intentional Love: 7 Steps You Can Take Now To Manifest Your Soulmate

"Everything in the universe is within you.
Ask all from yourself.

Do you feel like you are spinning your wheels on finding true love?

You're reading books on love, listening to all the wise gurus talk about love, attending seminars on love, and even being coached on how to find true love.

You're looking for, hoping for, even praying for, but not finding your soul mate.

You've dated enough men and given consistently of your time and emotional energy only to be disappointed. You have yet to meet the kind of partner that you would be happy with. As years go by you have become more and more disappointed about the opportunities out there and you have drawn the conclusion that if you are meant to have love, then it will just happen. And if it hasn't happened yet then it must mean that you are not meant to be in a relationship. So you've resigned yourself to being alone.

What are you doing to attract true love to you?

One thing is for sure. Nothing you have done so far has worked. And you will not experience the love you desire in this lifetime unless you consciously do something very different to create a different outcome. Instead of wishing and hoping for love, thinking that if you want love it will just happen to you, set a clear intention to be a creator.

Set an intention with all the resources that have been given you and take a stand to create what you most desire. Your own consciousness, inner and outer, and your beliefs in your power to create are at your disposal. In order for love to happen to you, you must make an effort to go towards seeking, allowing and finally receiving it.

Neither forcing love to happen, nor becoming passive about having it, will work. Wouldn't this be the time to take a stand and make a commitment to show up and be a creator of that which you most desire? All you have to do is be receptive. Let go. Trust.

You are a powerful creator. You have the power to manifest extraordinary love into your life. Create a vision for love that is bigger than you can imagine. Believe. Then show up in ways that are consistent with your vision. This intention and implementation may be out of your comfort zone and even though you doubt the success is guaranteed, if you don't try how will you know?

Here are some steps you can take now:

Stop telling yourself old stories: Your past and the stories that you tell yourself of how you might have failed do not serve you and are blocking your bright future. These stories are holding you back from receiving the things that you most desire. You may have become jaded, believing in the lack of quality men, ones who are trustworthy and loving. Men who are able to meet you where you are in life. Your deep-seated beliefs covertly disempower and diminish the men that you are with. So stop all these stories. Become conscious of your thoughts and internal dialogue. They do not belong in the place where you are going now.

Remove all the barriers you have created: What are you doing, or not doing currently that are blocking your good from coming to you? What are you saying to yourself, about yourself, that is repelling love? Change your story, your core beliefs that may be sabotaging your good from coming to you and remove all the blocks you may have subconsciously created from receiving what it is that you desire.

Expand your capacity for love: Be the amazing partner you want to attract. Have a healthy self esteem and expand your beliefs about your worthiness as it relates to how lovable you are. Send loving kindness to yourself. Know that you were born to give and receive great love and expand that capacity for love in yourself. The possibilities for you in the areas of love are endless.

Show up: Put yourself in situations and go to appropriate places where you may meet that special someone. Show up really interested and available. Show up as an ecstatically happy woman as you walk, as you talk, with the new sense of yourself. Show up as your authentic self, with confidence and the conviction that who you are is valuable, wanted and worthy of the most amazing relationship. There is no one you need to be other than yourself, to create love. Let go of control, be authentic and trust that your true love will reveal himself when the time is right. Show up in a way that is very self-focused, in ways that will create evidence for this being true.

Write it out: The power of the written word cannot be underestimated. What do you most deeply desire to experience? What do you want or desire in your partner? Write out that vision for love and then live as if it is already yours. Step into the identity of already being in the relationship, knowing that your partner already loves and adores you and has been searching for you his entire life. By writing it out you are activating a field of synchronicity and you will manifest that which you believe. You are a creator and the love that you seek is already yours. Believe it and you will see it.

Affirmations: Write down affirmations and read them with conviction daily and often, until they seep into your subconscious and become your core beliefs. Affirmations are your power statements and can create a permanent shift in consciousness to create a transformation that is short of miraculous. Affirmations can be as simple as: "I'm the creator of the great love I seek", "I am worthy of receiving love", "I am an awesome, gifted, creative, talented woman with so much to offer", "I am perfect and whole just as I am", "I have the power to attract and create a partnership with someone who meets me on every level", "My perfect love is here to stay". Breathe it all in.

Set an intention and vision: Recognize that this is an intentional process and know for sure that you have the power to take a stand to create the love you want. You do not need to know how it will happen. All you need is a clear vision and an absolute certainty that what you are looking for is also looking for you. Start visioning the committed life partnership that is possible for you. Intentionally connect with your desires and vision your future, the kind of love partner and the experiences that you desire. Imagine your partner standing in front of you, with you, until you get a clear sense of who you would need to be and show up to receive this amazing love in your life. What does this love feel like, what does it sound like, what does it taste like? Having done this, you will have shifted your old identity and gained clarity about what you need to embrace to fully receive the love. Then step into having all that you desire.

Embody your brilliance. You are the extraordinary, awesome, brilliant woman that your soulmate is seeking. Awaken to the deeper truth of your very existence and know that you are worthy of love. You can let go of control and show up in the full power and presence of who you are.

Move thru the world with openness and presence, receptive and attentive to synchronistic signs. Make choices and take actions in alignment with the future of the love that you seek.

Something magical is coming your way. Just allow.

Your longing for me is my message to you.
All your attempts to reach me are in reality my attempts to reach you.


© Rani St. Pucchi, 2016
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