Some users have gone from sliding into the DMs to "I do."
Therapy is widely seen as where couples go when things aren’t going well. But here’s why it could be useful even earlier on in a relationship, even when things are going well.
"By design or fate, I have lived 'until death do you part' twice. I know grief... I understand the complex, backbreaking work it takes to climb out of the abyss."
How one song changed the entire course of my life and gave me the strength to be someone I thought I could never be.
"He grabbed his wallet and dashed into the rain, like he was rushing to Target instead of another woman’s arms on Valentine’s Day."
We speak to counsellor and therapist, Jo Nicholl about the trappings of relationships, when they can become habitual and complacent. Jo shows us how to avoid a relationship from ending when it doesn’t need to.
The couple, who exchanged vows in August 2020, are featured on the March/April issue of the Black woman-centered magazine.
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Including wireless headphones, cozy slippers and a plush full body pillow your loved one will want to lie on all day.
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