If you’re looking to bring the magic back into your relationship, therapists revealed a few things that can help.
If you're looking for inspiration for your own love letter, these quotes about love are sure to convey your deepest feelings.
"That I’m against love, when what I’m against is ending up with someone who doesn’t add to my joy."
The actor was nominated for a Best Actor Oscar for 1970's "Love Story," and appeared in classics like "Paper Moon," "Barry Lyndon" and "What's Up, Doc?"
"I think romantic love is beautiful, and I’d love to experience it for myself one day. I also accept that maybe it just isn’t in the cards for me."
“Recently, at an anniversary party in a room full of friends and family, Neil toasted our longevity ... I thought, ‘Wait. What is he talking about?’”
Women with “daddy issues” get a lot of attention (and jokes) in society, but maternal struggles are just as real and challenging.
It’s a fun and creative way to reconnect with your partner.
"I came home and found Jason and Sarah unloading groceries to make a romantic sushi dinner. I had a sudden, sickening realization."