'Interview With A CEO' Video Pokes Fun At Bustle's Bryan Goldberg

When a man who doesn't understand much about women tries to start a lady mag, he faces some very particular challenges.

New Jersey-based comedian Eudora Peterson ridicules such a mission in her video "Interview With A CEO," throwing out absurd statements like, "What do men have that women don't have? Magazines," and insisting on referring to women as "goyles."

If this all sounds a little familiar, we suspect it's because Peterson is poking fun at Bustle founder Bryan Goldberg. Though she never mentions him directly, questions like "Why not have a magazine with information about the President... and information about shoes?" and "Where are the magazines with articles about nuclear warfare, and brassieres that actually fit?" sound worryingly similar to statements Goldberg has actually made.

Watch the video above to appreciate Peterson's genius in full.



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