Yates Who?

I recently had the chance to chat with Ben, known as Yates, the man behind his own creative melodies. Growing up in with a multicultural background, Ben played music as a way of dealing with his problems. Traveling through St. Petersburg, Moscow, and Holland, he is on an adventure. Living in Europe launched him into doing music and facing his fears rather than behaving in certain ways to fit in. Ben stated, "I basically ended up reaching for the stars and had some hiccups along the way. I was glad I was faced with these difficulties because they made me stronger and they help me with what I do now because there is a lot of pressure. To write, you need to be put into these situations."

When asked if he could create his own genre of music, Ben replied, it would be called, "BREW -- being a smooth blend of different genres/elements/crossover." In the alternative tune "Virtue", Yates sings about his honesty when given the freedom to do what he wants. Pop tune "Mercury" is about forgiving yourself despite our past mistakes. Ben sings, "I'm only human with a heart that's conquering me." Such lyrics reminded me of Selena Gomez's "The Heart Wants What It Wants". Listening to his own music helps him relate to his past relationships. Released today, here is the video for "Cake". Catch Yates this summer in Australia.


Making melodies is an outlet for Ben as well as a way to stay healthy by doing something for both himself and others. Ben's favorite thing about his fans is, "They are both young and old from all over the world." He enjoys translating the interesting messages he gets from fans in languages that he's unfamiliar with. Trusting in his taste and ability, Ben's goal is to bring people together through music. Universally connecting us all, melodies have the power to bring us together. After living the rock star cliche, Ben comes full circle, stating, "I know who I am in my heart."