Iowa Dem On Palin's Experience: "I Know How To Castrate A Calf"

The Harkin Steak Fry is traditionally a fundraiser that acts as a stage to rally Democrats around their candidates in addition to highlighting a star of the party. While this year's gathering did all of those things, it also gave top Iowa Democrats a forum to throw in their two cents about the Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin.

Iowa Lt. Gov. Patty Judge that spent the most time talking about Palin. She began by joking that she's heard people try to draw parallels between the female governor and herself and said she wanted to highlight the distinctions in their public service record.

"I've been elected twice to the Iowa state Senate, I've been elected twice as the first woman in the state to serve as secretary of agriculture, and two years ago I was elected lieutenant governor to serve with my great friend Chet Culver," Judge said. "So count 'em up: Sarah, less than two years; Patty, 16 years." ...

"Sarah knows how to field-dress a moose. I know how to castrate a calf. Neither of those things has anything at all to do with this election. But since we know so much about Sarah's special skills, I wanted to make sure you knew about mine too," she said.