The Most Expensive Places To Buy An iPad 2

Apple Stores in New York sold out "within hours" of the iPad 2's launch. There is now a four to five week wait on new iPads purchased online.

Apple isn't the only one profiting handsomely from the sales. More than a few parties have tried to cash in on users' iPad 2 fever by flipping their devices to eager customers--for a price.

In many cases, you'll pay dearly for one of these resold tablets. The iPad 2, which starts at $499, is not cheap to begin with, but Apple's prices look like a deal next to the markups others are charging. While some sellers charge two to three times more than Apple, at least one grifter has jacked up a single iPad 2's price to $13,500.

Take a look through our slideshow (below) showcasing some of the most expensive places to buy an iPad 2. Have you seen other places where sellers are charging out-of-control prices? Share your finds via the "Add a slide" tool.

The Most Expensive Places To Buy The iPad 2