iPhone Fart App Legal War On The Daily Show (VIDEO)

iPhone Fart App Legal War On The Daily Show (VIDEO)

While the rest of the economy is mired in a deep recession, the wonderful world of tort law just keeps on chugging. The Daily Show recently took a look at the legal battle between two iPhone app makers who claim the rights to a fart noise-producing app.

"Pull My Finger" was the first fart app to launch, reports The Daily Show, pulling in over $10,000 per day. At one point in the below video, the man behind Pull My Finger actually compares his application's importance to Jackie Robinson's effect on baseball. Pull My Finger claims that its rival iFart came onto the scene and allegedly infringed on the company's legal rights.

Yes, it's hard to believe that a legal battle has ensued over fart noises. Says Daily Show correspondent Wyatt Cenac: "Pull My Finger and iFart have attorneys?"

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