Is Trump Trying To Provoke War With China?

I first posted this December 23, 2016, in a private post on my personal Facebook page. At the time, a lot of people laughed at me for thinking it. However, current events seem to be bearing me out.

Keep in mind that I’m an artist, not a politician or professor. I tend to go with my gut instinct, and my gut is saying there’s a lot more going on here than any of us know. Or at least, those of us not directly involved.

Conservatively, the Trump organization is thought to owe at least $650 million to various entities, China and Russia chief among them. According to The Hill, the Bank of China has loaned Trump “hundreds of millions of dollars.” This is part of why Trump refuses to release his full tax returns, even though he brags about how good he is with money, and what great deals he makes. He’s not good at either.

My gut tells me that Trump is one of those people who thinks Jews are good with money ― hence the Jewish bankruptcy attorney who was rewarded with Ambassador to Israel status. Kind of like Ben Carson understands poverty and public housing because he’s black. In other words, Trump may not be a visible bigot (please don’t argue, this isn’t the point), but his perception of racial and ethnic groups is extremely bigoted. As witness the way he’s filled his administration.

So here’s my zeitgeist thought. China is full of little yellow people who have weird customs and don’t fit the Aryan standard of beauty. Putin is about as Aryan-looking as you can get, and his “customs” and taste are much closer to Trump’s. Or so Trump thinks. Plus, look at those pecs...

If Trump manages to provoke a war with China, he’ll be able to write off his debts to China AND seize any of their assets in the United States. If, at the same time, Russia appears to continue standing by Trump, China will be out-flanked. And if Trump and Putin “appear” to disagree, who knows what backroom dealings they’ve put together so they appear to be at sword’s point, but are actually conniving together?

Putin and Russia divvy up the spoils. China is brought to its knees. We tempt a global nuclear meltdown, if we’re lucky enough to avoid nuclear war when Trump is the main finger on the trigger.

And if he DID set off nuclear war, so much the better for Putin, right? It would be America’s fault, not Russia’s. Russia would run roughshod over the NATO countries and anything else they could get their hands on - Putin’s always been clear that his goal is to “make Russia great again”, to secure his domestic power (as only a KGB agent can), to destroy NATO and any entity that questions him (sound familiar?), and own as much of the world as is possible.

Putin’s been very clear that he holds the United States, and in particular Hillary Clinton, responsible for dissidents, the demonstrations against his own 2012 election, and the dissolution of the Soviet Union. He’s playing a long game, against someone who doesn’t even have enough self-control to keep his tweets in hand.

So. There you have it. The U.S. is to blame, Russia scoops up the leavings, democracy is in shambles... and all because Trump can’t handle money or his mouth. And, because ultimately he doesn’t give a crap about America - he only cares about himself.

Just a thought.

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