Italian Doctor Sexually Abuses Female Patient On Hidden Camera, Assaults Reporter When Confronted (DISTURBING VIDEO)

Police in Rome are now investigating an Italian doctor caught on hidden camera sexually abusing a female patient in what was part of a sting operation organized by Italian media.

Italian news-entertainment program "Striscia La Notizia" (which translates to "The News Slithers"), captured shocking video of the unidentified doctor -- who is also referred to as a dietician -- kissing a female patient who is laid out on an examination table, and apparently fondling her breasts and genitals.

The woman, who cooperated with "Striscia La Notizia" in the sting, appears to protest several times, but the doctor persists in his inappropriate "examination."

WARNING: Disturbing Video Below

According to a partial translation posted to Reddit, the doctor asks the patient not to move, and then tells her, "You wont get pregnant from this."

Later on, a correspondent from the program comes to the doctor's office and confronts him, asking him repeatedly why he tried to "hook up" with the girl.

The doctor is at first accommodating, but then attempts to kick the reporter and his cameramen out of his office. Toward the end of the video, he assaults the crew, kicking, slapping, shoving and whipping them with a set of audio cables.

"Striscia La Notizia" refers to the man filmed assaulting the patient as a doctor. While dietitians in Italy are not doctors, there is a professional association which maintains a code of conduct.

In April, a former Connecticut doctor lost his license to practice medicine in New York after being caught in a sex crime sting.