Jan Brewer Left Speechless As Teleprompter Fails (VIDEO)

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer created an extended pause during a speech Wednesday, when her teleprompter died, forcing her to freeze for a short time.

Brewer was delivering a message about economic development and education reform in Mesa, Arizona, when she was left speechless by the faulty equipment.

"As we limit the growth of the public sector and restrain unnecessary regulation, stimulate the engine of free enterprise (long pause) Well, the Teleprompter went dead," Brewer said, drawing laughs from the audience.

She then went on to read from the hard copy of her address.

Brewer experienced a much larger lapse during a gubernatorial debate in September while attempting to deliver her opening remarks. At the time, HuffPost's Jason Linkins described the oratory catastrophe as the governor having "hit a snag when her train of thought derailed, leaving dead-air gaps that rival any of the ones on the Arizona-Mexico border."