Buff, Shirtless Men Will Serve You Food At Japan's 'Macho Cafe'

Would you like a side of muscles with that?

A company in Japan is trying to improve the food service industry one muscular man at a time.

Macho 29 is a group of buff, Japanese men who take over various food experiences across the country with lots of flexing and very little clothing. It's been called a reverse Hooters, and so far, it has gained a loyal following.

Earlier this year, the performers opened up their very own Macho Cafe in Tokyo. Servers in tiny tank tops presented dishes such as the "Macho-ed Eggs Double Bicep Flavor" and elaborately squeezed whipped cream on top of pancake orders as a line formed around the block.

Macho Cafe is only open sporadically, but diners can pay extra to get the most out of the experience. Roughly $4 buys you a 15-minute conversation with your server, while $27 buys you the chance to be surrounded by a "Wall of Meat" (aka, a circle of flexing men).

Macho 29's most recent takeover was at a shave ice shop at a mall in Tokyo, where they adopted a team mentality for serving ice-cold treats.

The men crushed the ice by hand using a crank and then worked in pairs to pour the syrup, insert the straws and, of course, flex during the presentation.

According to their official website, Macho 29 consists of 11 men, ranging in age from 20 to 40 years old. They are sponsored by Be Legend, a Japanese protein powder brand, and promote the products both at their venues and on their teeny tank tops.

Japan is no stranger to the "entertainment dining" experience; maid cafes (where women dressed in maid costumes greet customers with a hearty, "Welcome home, master!") and hostess bars (where women are paid to sit, talk and flirt with paying customers) are common.

In other words, Macho 29 seems to be following a proven recipe for food service success in Japan.

Feast your eyes on the brawny business plan below:

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