Jason Keiran Dead: Parents Say Their Son Accidentally Shot Himself After Drinking Four Loko

The parents of a Florida State University sophomore who accidentally shot and killed himself in September say Four Loko played a role in their son's death.

Joe and Vicki Keiran, the parents of 20-year-old Jason Keiran, are suing the makers of Four Loko, ABC News reports.

According to WESH, Keiran was handling a friend's gun thinking that its safety was on when he shot himself.

ABC reports that the incident occurred after 30 hours of partying. Jason's parents said that their son had ingested at least three cans of Four Loko, and that the drink caused him to become "manic and erratic."

Phusion Products, which manufactures the drink, has not commented on the lawsuit, though the company has said it will remove caffeine from Four Loko in the face of an FDA ban. Four states have already outlawed the drink.

WATCH: Wake Forest University professor Mary Clare O'Brien discusses the dangers of Four Loko:
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